AoT Leiden Summer Party! Monday 27th August @ Grand Café de Burcht

This August in Astronomy on Tap we celebrate the holidays with a Summer Party! In this occasion, we want to relax and show everyone what it is like to be an astronomer. We will have a panel with astronomers at different stages of the career: Master student, PhD student, Postdoc, Lecturer, and Associate Professor. They will tell us about their science journey and will answer all your questions on what it is like to be a scientist.

For this opportunity only we will start our event at 19h. Come join us outside de Burcht (Burgsteeg 14, 2312 JS Leiden), enjoy a drink, some ice cream, and chat with our team of astronomers. Of course, we’ll also have our usual games and prizes!

Jorge A. Villa Velez is a Colombian student finishing his Masters degree at Leiden Observatory. His major project is about rings around exoplanets.
Fran Concha-Ramírez is Chilean and a PhD student at Leiden Observatory. She works on computational simulations of star clusters.
Dr. Ken Duncan is a Brit working as a postdoc at Leiden. His research focuses on galaxies with active supermassive black holes.
Dr. Yamila Miguel is an Argentinian astronomer. Currently an Assistant Professor at Leiden working on planetary atmospheres.
Dr. Leonard Burtscher is a staff astronomer at Leiden Observatory. He works on nuclear regions of active galaxies.

All ages and backgrounds welcome. For more information about us, check out

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