AoT SATX #14

Astronomy on Tap SATX #14 will explore the inner Solar System on Wednesday, March 27th at the  Blue Star Brewing Co. (1414 S. Alamo St)!  We will start with “Mercury Explorers: Some like it hot!” – a talk by Dr. Cesare Grava from the Southwest Research Institute about the MESSENGER and BepiColombo spacecrafts’ exploration of the innermost planet. Then, we take it back home with an AGU Voices for Science team member Dr. David Trossman from UT Austin, with a talk about interactions between Earth and Space, called “Earth is not a closed system: Earth ❤’s space science!” As always, there will be beer, astronomy in the news, trivia, prizes, and more! Doors open at 6:30pm, talks start promptly at 7 pm.