AoT-Tucson #58: Your Place in the Universe @ Borderlands Brewing Co. May 15

Tucson’s local flavor of Astronomy on Tap, #SpaceDrafts, is excited to present its 58th edition this May with Dr. Paul Sutter:

Your Place in the Universe: Understanding Our Big, Messy Existence
(also a book!)

“Our universe changes every day. It was different in the past, and it will be different in the future. This is something we just learned about a hundred years ago, and we’re still wrestling with the implications. Including, but not limited to, the fact that someday no more stars will shine.”

Dr. Sutter works as a cosmological researcher and outreach coordinator at the Ohio State University, and hosts multiple podcasts and youtube series, writes articles on websites like, Universe Today, and consults for tv and film, including Star Trek: Discovery! Check out his podcast Ask a Spaceman! and other awesome science series at his website.

The event is on May 15, 7pm, at the Borderlands Brewing Company (119 E. Toole Ave, Tucson AZ).
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The Borderlands Brewing Company (119 E. Toole Ave., Tucson)


Wednesday, May 15, 7pm (talks starting at 7:30pm)

Please! Thank you!

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As always, Space Drafts is FREE and open to all ages! Bring your four-legged friends too!

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