AoT-Tucson #59: Other Worldly @ Borderlands Brewing Co. June 19th

Tucson’s local flavor of Astronomy on Tap, #SpaceDrafts, is excited to present its 59th edition this June with Dr. Eric Petersen and Dr. Everett Schlawin:

Rock Glaciers: From Mountain Hikes to the Colonization of Mars – Dr. Petersen

The James Webb Space Telescope and Our New Look at Other Worlds – Dr. Everett

First, Dr. Eric Petersen (UA Lunar and Planetary Laboratory) will tell us about rocky (and icy??) glaciers on Mars! Dr. Petersen is a planetary scientist and a geophysicist who uses satellites like the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to look for ice that may play a key role in future hikes on Mars…or even colonization! Then Dr. Everett Schlawin (Steward Observatory) will present a new look at other worlds! Dr. Schlawin works on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), NASA’s next flagship mission. With a 21.3 ft mirror and a sunshield the size of a tennis court, JWST will revolutionize our view of worlds outside of our solar system.

The event is on June 19th, 7pm, at the Borderlands Brewing Company (119 E. Toole Ave, Tucson AZ).
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The Borderlands Brewing Company (119 E. Toole Ave., Tucson)

Wednesday, June 19th, 7pm (talks starting at 7:30pm)

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As always, Space Drafts is FREE and open to all ages! Bring your four-legged friends too!