Chicago, IL

Astronomy on Tap Chicago is a joint effort between University of Chicago and Northwestern University.

We have hosted events all around Chicago but recently settled on semi-regular events at Begyle Brewing Company (1800 W Cuyler Ave, Chicago, IL 60613). We also do trivia at Adler After Dark, a 21+ event hosted by The Adler Planetarium on the third Thursday of each month.

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Merry Chirp-mass: Carol of the Waves



July 23rd: Simons Observatory: A search for the beginning of the universe

May 9th: Pop the Bubbles for Hubble: Happy 34th Birthday

March 14th: 3.141Pi: Exploring the Universe One Slice at a Time


October 12th: The Vampires of the Universe – Fall into Black Holes with AoT

July 20th: Out-of-This-World-Brews: Moonstruck Extremophiles and Stellar Sips!

March 13th: Pie in the Sky: A Slice of the Universe Served up Fresh!
February 9th: AoT Presents: Too Hot to Handle – Inside the Lives of The Universe’s Most Notorious Couples!


December 1st: Just the Tip of the Ice…Cube: Cold Drinks, Hot Science
October 13th: The Nightmare Before Launch: An Evening Full of Stars, Scares, and Spirits!
August 11th: The Dog Days Are Over: Drink Some Beer, JWST Images Are Here!
June 9th: Better late than never: JWST arrives and AoT imbibes!

February 20: Cosmic Couples: following the billion-year romance of stellar partners

December 12: Doughnuts in Space and Other Black Hole Stories
November 21: AAD Enchantment Under the Stars
August 21: Cosmic Explosions Across Space and Time 
August 15: AoT CHI at Adler After Dark: Taste of Space
March 21: AAD
February 26: Enter the Singularity: Black Holes and Brew-tron Stars

December 11: Ice-stronomy on Tap: Winter Wonderland 
November AAD
October AAD
September 18: A Night of Ice & Fire
September AAD
August 16: AAD
July AAD
June AAD
May 30: Touching the Sun 
May 17: AAD Planetary Prom
April 23: Another Earth Day 
April 19: AAD
January 25: Planet 9 and Other Unsolved Mysteries of the Solar System
January 18: AA

June 12: An Evening of Extremes
May 22: AoT Chicago
April 12: Yuri’s Night
March 20: A Survival Guide to the Galaxy
Feb 16: AAD Cosmic Clue

November 3: 50 Years of Star Trek
August 15: AoT Chicago
April 18: AoT Chicago
March 10: AoT Chicago Official Launch Event!

September 3: AoT presented by Adler Planetarium at The Map Room (Chicago, IL)