AoT NYC: The Eclipse! Aug 9, 2017

Will you be watching the solar eclipse on August 21st?  Whether you’re watching totality, or elsewhere (like here in NYC where we’ll still get about 70% coverage), the continental US will be under the shadow of the Moon!  Join us at the Way Station in Prospect Height, Brooklyn on Wednesday, August 9th for a whole program about eclipses including the basics of eclipses, safety, and of course, the science!  Free pair of eclipse glasses for all, more available for donations!  Free posters!  7:30pm trivia, 8pm talks, 10pm prizes.  RSVP on our Facebook event page, and see you there!

5 thoughts on “AoT NYC: The Eclipse! Aug 9, 2017”

  1. The 9th is a Wednesday, not the 10th

    Can you confirm the actual date?


    • It is a Wednesday! Different day of the week because of a different week because of the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!!!! 😉

      • Fixed the “Upcoming events” page, sorry about that! But yes, it is on Wednesday, August 9th.

    • No non-FB RSVP, but it’s also not required. Just be sure to come early!

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