Astronomy Uncorked

The Prequel

Astronomy Uncorked in New Haven, CT
organized by Meg Schwamb while she was
an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale.
(Meg is now a postdoctoral fellow in Taiwan at the
Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Academia Sinica


The Original

Astronomy on Tap in New York City
Dozens of events in six bars and one aircraft carrier
starting in April 2013.



The First Franchise

Astronomy on Tap in Columbus, OH
at Brother’s Drake Meadery & Bar
organized by Demitri Muna
featuring astronomers from the Ohio State University


Return to New Haven

AoT CT in New Haven, CT
at BAR
originally organized by Steph LaMassa,
now organized by Grant Tremblay and Bhaskar Agarwal.


Up North

AoT T.O. presented by the Dunlap Institute in Toronto, Canada


(Pacific) Northwest
AoT_glass (1)
Astronomy on Tap in Seattle
at Hilliard’s Beer in Ballard
organized by grad students at the University of Washington
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Up (Rocky Mountain) High

AstroOnTapCO in Denver, CO

Down South

Astronomy on Tap ATX logo

AoTATX in Austin, TX

Even Further South

AoT Chile in Santiago

South by Southwest

Space Drafts in Tucson, AZ
at The Borderlands Brewing Company
organized by Sarah Morrison (LPL), Dr. Gautham Narayan (NOAO) & Evan Schneider (Steward Observatory)
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In the mitten

astro_on_tap_logoAoTLansing in Lansing, MI
Organized by Dr. Devin Silvia at Michigan State University
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For a Capital Time


AoTDC in Washington, DC

Organized by Steph LaMassa (NASA GSFC). Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Down by the Bay


AoT Bay Area

Organized by Sean McLaughlin (Stanford/KIPAC), and featuring speakers from Stanford, SLAC, and NASA Ames. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

AoT on Tour and one-time Fly-By* Events (so far) in Taipei, Taiwan, Chicago, IL, Rochester, NY, and Baltimore, MD.

*Thanks to Tapper @elavasam for the name!