Past Events

2017 Events

November 30:  AoT NYC – Thank Your Lucky Stars (Brooklyn, NY)

November 30: AoT PGH (Pittsburgh, PA) Launch event!

November 28: AoT MTL #9 (Montreal, QC, Canada)

November 28: AoT State College #8 (State College, PA)

November 27: AoT Leiden (Leiden, The Netherlands)

November 27: AoT SD (San Diego, CA) Launch Event!

November 22: AoT Portsmouth #4 (Portsmouth, UK)

November 21: AoT ATX #38 (Austin, TX)

November 16: AoT C-U (Urbana, IL)

November 15: AoT Lansing (Lansing, MI)

November 15: AoT SATX (San Antonio, TX) Launch Event!

November 15: AoT Tucson (Tucson, AZ)

November 15: AoT SEA (Seattle, WA)

November 10: AoT T.O. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

November 7: AoT Aarhus #3 (Denmark)

November 7: AoT Triangle (Durham, NC)

November 7: AoT SF (San Francisco, CA)

November 6: AoT Boston (Boston, MA)

November 6: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA)

October 30: AoT Leiden (The Netherlands)

October 30: AoT Oslo (Norway)

October 30: AoT DC (Washington, DC) 2 year orbit-versary celebration!

October 30: AoT State College (State College, PA)

October 30: AoT BOG (Bogotá, CUN, Colombia) Launch event!

October 26: AoT NYC (Brooklyn, NY)

October 25: AoT Boston (Cambridge/Boston, MA)

October 24: AoT MTL #8 (Montreal, QC, Canada)

October 24: AoT ATX #37 (Austin, TX)

October 24: AoT South Bay (San Jose, CA) Launch event!

October 23: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA) Special merging binary star event!

October 19: AoT C-U (Urbana, IL)

October 18: AoT Tucson (Tucson, AZ)

October 11: AoT Lansing (Lansing, MI)

October 10: AoT Aarhus #2 (Aarhus, Denmark)

October 9: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA)

October 3: AoT Triangle (Durham, NC)

October 2: AoT Oslo (Oslo, Norway)

September 28: AoT NYC (Brooklyn, NY)

September 27: AoT SEA: Polarimetry (Seattle, WA)

September 26: AoT MTL (Montreal, QC, Canada)

September 25: AoT ABQ (Albuquerque, NM)

September 25: AoT Leiden (The Netherlands)

September 22: AoT C-U at the PYGMALION festival (Champaign, IL)

September 20: AoT Tucson (Tucson, AZ)

September 19: AoT Aarhus (Aarhus, Denmark) Launch event!

September 19: AoT ATX #36 (Austin, TX)

September 18: AoT State College (State College, PA)

September 13: AoT LAN (Lansing, MI)

September 11: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA)

August 31: AoT presents STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT (Austin, TX)

August 30: AoT Portsmouth: Galaxies (Portsmouth, UK)

August 28: Aot Leiden (Leiden, The Netherlands)

August 28: AoT Oslo (Oslo, Norway)

August 23: AoT Seattle (Seattle, WA)

August 17: AoT C-U (Urbana, IL)

August 16: AoT presents 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (Austin, TX)

August 16: AoT Tucson (Tucson, AZ)

August 15: AoT ATX (Austin, TX)

August 9: AoT NYC Solar Eclipse! (Brooklyn, NY)

August 9: AoT Lansing (Lansing, MI)

August 1: AoT DC (Washington DC)

August 1: AoT BZN (Bozeman, MT) Launch event!

July 31: AoT Leiden (Leiden, The Netherlands)

July 31: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA)

July 25: AoT MTL (Montreal, QC, Canada)

July 20: AoT C-U (Urbana, IL)

July 19: AoT Lansing (Lansing, MI)

July 18: AoT ATX #34 (Austin, TX)

July 14: AoT T.O. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

July 12: AoT Tucson (Tucson, AZ)

July 12: AoT SB (Santa Barbara, CA)

July 3: AoT Oslo (Oslo, Norway) Launch event!

July 3: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA)

June 29: AoT NYC presents Water (Brooklyn, NY)

June 28: AoT Seattle (Seattle, WA)

June 27: AoT ATX presents Apollo 13 (Austin, TX)

June 26: AoT Leiden (Leiden, The Netherlands)

June 20: AoT ATX #33 (Austin, TX)

June 15: AoT C-U (Urbana, IL)

June 14: AoT Lansing (Lansing, MI)

June 14: AoT SB (Santa Barbara, CA)

June 14: AoT Tucson (Tucson, AZ)

June 12: AoT Boston (Boston, MA)

June 12: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA)

June 12: AoT Chicago (Chicago, IL)

June 7: AoT ATX presents Galaxy Quest (Austin, TX)

June 5: AoT State College (State College, PA)

June 5: AoT ATX #32 at AAS 230 (Austin, TX)

May 30: AoT MTL (Montreal, QC, Canada)

May 29: AoT Leiden (Leiden, the Netherlands)

May 29: AoT DC (Washington, D.C.)

May 25: AoT NYC presents Towel Day! (Brooklyn, NYC)

May 24: AoT Tucson (Tucson, AZ)

May 24: AoT Seattle (Seattle, WA)

May 23: AoT Portsmouth (Portsmouth, UK)

May 22: AoT ABQ  (Albuquerque, NM)

May 22: AoT Chicago (Chicago, IL)

May 18: AoT CU (Champaign-Urbana, IL)

May 17: AoT ATX presents The Martian (Austin, TX)

May 16: AoT ATX (Austin, TX)

May 15: AoT State College (State College, PA)

May 15: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA)

May 12: AoT MTL Astronomie en Fut Édition Spéciale (Montreal, QC, Canada)

May 10: AoT Lansing (Lansing, MI)

May 10: AoT SB (Santa Barbara, CA)

May 2: AoT Triangle (Durham, NC) Launch event!

April 27:  AoT NYC (Brooklyn, NY)

April 26:  AoT Tucson (Tucson, AZ)

April 26: AoT Seattle (Seattle, WA)

April 25: AoT MTL (Montreal, QC, Canada)

April 25: AoT San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

April 24: AoT Leiden (Leiden, the Netherlands)

April 20: AoT CU (Champaign-Urbana, IL)

April 18: AoT ATX #30 (Austin, TX)

April 17: AoT Boston (Cambridge, MA)

April 17: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA)

April 16: AoT San Diego (Vista, CA) Fly-by Event!

April 12: AoT Chicago (Chicago, IL)

April 11: AoT Lansing (Lansing, MI)

April 10: AoT State College (State College, PA) Launch event!

April 5: AoT SB (Santa Barbara, CA)

April 4: AoT Daejeon (Daejeon, Korea)

March 30: AoT NYC (Brooklyn, NY)

March 28: AoT MTL (Montreal, QC, Canada)

March 28: AoT D.C. (Washington, D.C.)

March 27: AoT Leiden (the Netherlands) Launch event!

March 24: AoT Seattle (Seattle, WA) Two Orbit-versary!

March 21: AoT ATX #29 (Austin, TX)

March 20: AoT ABQ (Albuquerque, NM) Launch event!

March 20: AoT Chicago (Chicago, IL)

March 16: AoT CU (Urbana, IL)

March 16: AoT CO (Boulder, CO)

March 15: AoT Tucson (Tucson, AZ)

March 14: AoT Lansing (Lansing, MI)

March 13: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA)

March 10: AoT T.O. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

March 6: AoT Boston at The Phoenix Landing (Cambridge, MA)

March 1: AoT SB (Santa Barbara, CA)

February 28 : AoT MTL at Pub Ile Noire (Montreal, QC, Canada)

February 23: AoT NYC at The Way Station, Brooklyn (NY, NY)

February 22: AoT Tucson at Borderlands Brewing Co. (Tucson, AZ)

February 22: AoT Seattle at Peddler Brewing Co (Seattle, WA)

February 22, AoT Hawai’i in Hilo (Hilo, HI)

February 21: AoT ATX at The North Door (Austin, TX)

February 21: AoT Bay Area at DNA Lounge (San Francisco, CA)

February 15: AoT Lansing (Lansing, MI)

February 13: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA)

February 7: AoT Portsmouth at The Kings Pub (Portsmouth, UK) Launch event!

January 31: AoT MTL (Montreal, QC, Canada) Launch event!

January 30: AoT Boston Launch (Cambridge, MA)

January 27: AoT Seattle at Peddler Brewing Co (Seattle, WA)

January 25: AoT: Colorado (Longmont, CO)

January 25: AoT: Tucson (Tucson, AZ)

January 23: AoT: LA (Los Angeles, CA)

January 19: AoT New York City (Manhattan, NY)

January 18: AoT SB (Santa Barbara, CA)

January 17: AoT DC (Washington DC)

January 17: AoT ATX (Austin, TX)

January 11: AoT Lansing (Lansing, MI)


2016 Events

December 22: AoT NYC (Brooklyn, NY)

December 21: Space Drafts #31 at AoT Tucson (Tucson, AZ)

December 20: AoTATX#26 (Austin, TX)

December 12: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA)

November 21: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA)

November 16: AoT NYC (Brooklyn, NY)

November 16: AoTSB (Santa Barbara, CA)

November 16: AoT Seattle at Peddler Brewing Co (Seattle, WA)

November 15: AoT A.A. (Ann Arbor, MI)

November 15: AoTATX#25 (Austin, TX)

November 15: AoTLansing (Lansing, MI)

November 4: AoT T.O. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

November 3: AoT Chicago (Chicago, IL)

November 2: AoTDC (Washington, DC)

November 1: AoT Daejeon launch event! (Daejeon, South Korea)

November 1: AoT Bay Area at Black Hammer Brewing (San Francisco, CA)

October 28: AoT Seattle at Peddler Brewing Co (Seattle, WA)

October 27: AoT NYC Star Trekkin’ (Brooklyn, NY)

October 19: AoTLA #7 for Pasadena Astronomy Week (Los Angeles, CA)

October 18: AoTATX#24 (Austin, TX)

October 18: AoTLA #6 for Pasadena Astronomy Week (Los Angeles, CA)

October 17: AoTLA #5 for Pasadena Astronomy Week (Los Angeles, CA)

October 11: AoT Ann Arbor: Exoplanet Extravaganza! (Ann Arbor, MI)

October 11: AoT Lansing #14 (Lansing, MI)

October 11: AoTATX presents Star Trek (2009) at the Alamo Drafthouse (Austin, TX)

October 5: AoT Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA)

September 29: AoT New York City (Brooklyn, NYC)

September 28: Space Drafts #28 (Tucson, AZ)

September 28: AoT Seattle at Optimism Brewing Co (Seattle, WA)

September 26: AoTLA #4 (Los Angeles, CA)

September 21: AoTDC (Washington, DC)

September 20: AoTATX (Austin, TX)

September 13: AoTLansing (Lansing, MI)

September 10: AoT New York City (Manhattan, NY)

September 7: AoTSB (Santa Barbara, CA)

August 31: Space Drafts #27 (Tucson, AZ)

August 25: AoT New York City (Brooklyn, NYC)

August 24: AoT Seattle at Peddler Brewing Co. (Seattle, WA)

August 22: AoT Bay Area (San Francisco, CA)

August 22: AoT LA #3 (Los Angeles, CA)

August 18: AoT C-U (Urbana, IL)

August 16: AoT ATX #22 (Austin, TX)

August 15: AoT CHI (Chicago, IL)

August 10, AoT Lansing #12 (Lansing, MI)

August 4: AoT Columbus (Columbus, OH)

August 3: AoT T.O. (Toronto, Canada)

July 27: AoT DC (Washington DC)

July 27: AoT SB (Santa Barbara, CA)

July 27: AoT SEA in the UW Planetarium (Seattle, WA)

July 26: Sex in Space with Sex on Tap & AoT NYC (Brooklyn, NY)

July 25: AoT LA #2 (Los Angeles, CA)

July 22: AoT Colorado (Denver, CO)

July 21: AoT CU Presents: Are We Alone In The Universe? (Urbana, IL)

July 19: AoT ATX #19 Returns to the North Door! (Austin, TX)

July 12: AoT LAN #11 (Lansing, MI)

July 6: SpaceDrafts #26: JWST: To Boldly Look Where No One Has Looked Before! (Tucson, AZ)

June 30: AoT NYC: Astro 101 (NYC)

June 29: AoT Seattle at Hilliard’s Beer (Seattle, WA)

June 29: SpaceDrafts #25: Asteroid Day Special! (Tucson, AZ)

June 21: AoT Baltimore (Baltimore, MD)

June 21: AoT ATX #20 (Austin, TX) ***venue moves to The Grizzly Hall***

June 20: AoT LA #1 (Los Angeles, CA)

June 16: AoT CU Presents: Dark Matter (Urbana, IL)

June 14: AoT LAN #10 (Lansing, MI)

June 8: AoT SB (Santa Barbara, CA)

May 25: AoT Bay Area: Spring Edition (Palo Alto, CA)

May 25: AoT NYC at Pint of Science (NYC)

May 25: AoT Seattle at Hilliard’s Beer (Seattle, WA)

May 25: Astronomy on Tap, DC (Washington, DC)

May 19: AoT C-U Galaxies at Pizza M (Urbana, IL)

May 17: AoTATX#19 (Austin, TX)

May 12: AoT Columbus RELOADED! (Columbus, OH)

May 12: AoT LAN #9 (Lansing, MI)

May 11: SpaceDrafts #24 (Tucson, AZ)

May 4: AoT SB Star Wars Special (Santa Barbara, CA)

April 28: AoT NYC at the Way Station (NYC)

April 27: AoT Seattle at Hilliard’s Beer New Venue! (Seattle, WA)

April 21: AoT C-U at Pizza M (Urbana, IL)

April 19: AoTATX #18 (Austin, TX)

April 18: AoT CHI at the Map Room (Chicago, IL)

April 14: AoT LAN #8 with MSU Science Festival! (Lansing, MI)

April 13: Space Drafts #23 (Tucson, AZ)

April 12: Yuri’s Night event! (Ann Arbor, MI)

April 9: Yuri’s Night Celebration with Nerd Nite DC (Washington, D.C.)

April 7: AoT BMore #2 at De Kleine Duivel (Baltimore, MD)

April 6: AoT SB #2 (Santa Barbara, CA)

March 24: Women’s History Month event at the Way Station (NYC)

March 24: AoT C-U #2 (Urbana, IL)

March 23: AoT Seattle’s One-Year Anniversary! (Seattle, WA)

March 23: AoT DC #3 (Washington, DC)

March 22: AoTATX #17 (Austin, TX)

March 15: AoT Lansing #7 (Lansing, MI)

March 12: AoT ROC (Rochester, NY)

March 10: AoT Chicago Launch Event! (Chicago, IL)

March 7: AoT Bay Area Launch Event! (Palo Alto, CA)

March 2: AoT Santa Barbara Launch Event! (Santa Barbara, CA)

March 2: AoTLansing #6 (rescheduled!) (Lansing, MI)

March 1: AoT New Haven (New Haven, CT)

February 29: AoT CO at Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place New Venue! (Boulder, CO)

February 24: SpaceDrafts #21 (Tucson, AZ)

February 24: AoT LAN #6 (cancelled due to weather!) (Lansing, MI)

February 18: AoT Champaign-Urbana Launch Event! (Urbana, IL)

February 17: AoT Seattle XII (Seattle, WA)

February 16: AoTATX#16 (Austin, TX)

February 11: Astronomy on Tap T.O. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

February 4: Cosmos On Tap episode 13 at Videology – FINALE EVENT! (NYC)

January 27: AoT DC #2 at Wonderland Ballroom (Washington, D.C.)

January 27: Space Drafts #20 with Dr. Rachael Livermore (Tucson, AZ)

January 20: AoT Seattle XI (Seattle, WA)

January 19: AoTATX#15 (Austin, TX)

January 19: AoTLansing #5 (Lansing, MI)

January 16: AoT presents Pop Science! at STEM Fest (NYC)

January 12: AoT AA #2 (Ann Arbor, MI)


2015 Events

December 16: AoT Seattle X (Seattle, WA)

December 15: AoTATX14 (Austin, TX)

December 9: Space Drafts #19 with Dr. Jen Andrews! (Tucson, AZ)

December 3: Cosmos On Tap episode 12 at Videology (NYC)

November 19: AoT: How To… at Silvana in Harlem (NYC)

November 18: Astronomy on Tap T.O. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

November 18: AoT LAN #4 (Lansing, MI)

November 18: AoT Seattle IX (Seattle)

November 17: AoT Ann Arbor #1 Launch event! (Ann Arbor, MI)

November 17: AoT ATX #13 (Austin, TX)

November 11: Space Drafts #18 (Tucson, AZ)

October 28: Inaugural AoT DC at the Wonderland Ballroom! (Washington, DC)

October 28: AoT Seattle VIII (Seattle, WA)

October 24: Astronomy on Tap CO (Denver, CO)

October 22: Cosmos on Tap Episode 11 at Videology (NYC)

October 21: Space Drafts #17 (Tucson, AZ)

October 20: AoT LAN #3 (Lansing, MI)

October 20: AoTATX #12 (Austin, TX)

October 16: AoT ROC #3 at Boulder Coffee Company (Rochester, NY)

October 15: Ada Lovelace Day at the Way Station (NYC)

October 12: AoT CT at BAR New Haven (New Haven, CT)

September 24: Cosmos on Tap Ep. 10 (NYC)

September 23: AoT Seattle VII (Seattle, WA)

September 23: AoT TUS launched! (Tucson, AZ)

September 17: All Things Small & Round at Pacific Standard (NYC)

September 15: AoTATX #11 (Austin, TX)

September 1: AoT Lansing #2 (Lansing, MI)

August 27: Cosmos on Tap Ep. 9 (NYC)

August 26: AoT Seattle VI (Seattle, WA)

August 20: Astronomy on Tap T.O. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

August 18: AoT ATX #10 (Austin, TX)

August 13: AstroFashion at the Way Station (NYC)

August 7: AoT ROC #2 (Rochester, NY)

July 30: Cosmos on Tap at Videology (NYC)

July 28: AoT ATX #9 (Austin)

July 22: AoT Seattle V (Seattle, WA)

July 21: Launch of AoT LAN (Lansing, MI)

July 15: Pluto-Palooza! (Seattle, WA)

July 15: AoT CO at Biennial of the Americas (Denver, CO)

July 14: AoT CT (New Haven, CT)

June 30: AoT ATX #8 (Austin)

June 25: Cosmos on Tap at Videology (NYC)

June 24: AoT SEA IV (Seattle)

June 18: Future Telescopes at The Way Station (NYC)

June 5: AoT CO #2 (Denver, CO)

June 1: AoT CT (New Haven, CT)

May 30: Stargazing & more at the World Science Festival (NYC)

May 28: Cosmos on Tap at Videology (NYC)

May 26: AoT ATX #7 (Austin, TX)

May 26: AoT Chile Origins (Santiago, Chile)

May 23: Launch event + Space Dance (Baltimore, MD)

May 21: Explore the Solar System at Sylvana (NYC)

May 21: AoT T.O. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

May 20: AoT SEA III (Seattle, WA)

May 15: AoT ROC Launch event (Rochester, NY)

April 30: COSMOS episode 5 screening at Videology in Williamsburg (NYC)

April 28: Astronomy on Tap Chile (Santiago, Chile)

April 28: Astronomy on Tap Denver (Denver, CO)

April 24: Astronomy on Deck at the USS Intrepid (NYC)

April 22: AoT Seattle II (Seattle, WA)

April 21: AoT ATX #6 (Austin, TX)

April 21: Astronomy on Tap CT (New Haven, CT)

April 16: Hubble & Friends at the Way Station (NYC)

March 29: Astronomy on Tap Columbus at Brothers Drake Meadery & Bar (Columbus, OH)

March 26: COSMOS episode 4 screening at Videology in Williamsburg (NYC)

March 23: AoT Chile #5 at The Shamrock (Santiago, Chile)

March 17: AoT ATX #5 at Scholz Garten (Austin, TX)

March 11: Launch of AoT Seattle at Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co. (Seattle, WA)

February 26: COSMOS episode 3 screening at Videology in Williamsburg (NYC)

February 24: AoT Chile #4 at The Shamrock (Santiago, Chile)

February 18: Astronomy on Tap T.O. at The Tranzac Club (Toronto, ON, Canada)

February 17: AoT ATX #4 at Scholz Garten (Austin, TX)

February 16: Astronomy on Tap at BAR (New Haven, CT)

February 12: Astronomy on Tap at the Way Station (NYC)

January 25: Astronomy on Tap at Brothers Drake Meadery & Bar (Columbus, OH)

January 22: COSMOS episode 2 screening at Videology in Williamsburg (NYC)

January 20: Astronomy on Tap ATX #3 at Scholz Garten (new venue!) (Austin, TX)

January 19: A special Astronomy on Tap at Under St Mark’s as part of STEM Fest (NYC)


2014 Events

December 16: Astronomy on Tap ATX in Austin, TX at Easy Tiger (Austin, TX)

December 15: AoT Chile #3 at The Shamrock (Santiago, Chile)

December 1: Astronomy on Tap in New Haven, CT at BAR

December 1: DJ Carly Sagan performs at “Science & Comedy: an evening of comedic science” presented by the SciArt Center at Under St. Marks Theater

November 25: AoT Chile #2 at The Shamrock (Santiago, Chile)

November 18: Launch of AoT ATX (Austin, TX)

November 12: Astronomy on Tap T.O. in Toronto, Canada (presented by the Dunlap Institute)

October 28: Launch event for AoT Chile event (Santiago, Chile)

October 12:  Solar System Walk to the Queens Museum for the Closing Celebration of Bringing the World into the World (NYC)

September 29: Cosmos screening at Videology in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NYC)

September 29: Aot CT at BAR New Haven (CT)

September 12: Launch of Astronomy on Tap T.O. presented by the Dunlap Institute (Toronto, Canada)

September 3: AoT presented by Adler Planetarium at The Map Room (Chicago, IL)

August 14: Way Station (NYC) Video

July 21: Brothers Drake (Columbus, OH)

July 10: Ding Dong Lounge (NYC) Photos

June 12: Astronomy on Tap at the Way Station (NYC)

June 9: AoT-CT at BAR New Haven (CT)

June 8: Cosmos finale viewing party at the Way Station (NYC)

May 30: Earth and Other Worlds at the World Science Festival (NYC)

May 27: Astronomy on Tap: Taipei (Taiwan): Video 1, Video 2

May 15: Ding Dong Lounge (NYC)

May 8: Pacific Standard (NYC)

April 21: Brothers Drake (Columbus, OH)

April 17: Ding Dong Lounge (NYC)

April 16: AoT On Tour Science Club in Washington, DC (Photos)

April 15: BAR (New Haven, CT)

April 10: Way Station (NYC)

March 31: Brothers Drake (Columbus, OH)

March 19/20: #StarWink at various NYC locations

March 13: How to Make Eggs in Space at the NY Academy of Sciences

March 6: Matt Torrey’s (NYC)

February 20: Ding Dong Lounge (NYC)

February 13: Way Station (NYC): Video

January 20: Brothers Drake (Columbus, OH)


2013 NYC Events

December 18: Astronomy on Deck in the Space Shuttle Pavilion at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum: Photos

December 12: Ding Dong Lounge

October 17: Ding Ding Lounge: Photos

October 6: Science Extravaganza! at the Way Station: Photos, Video

September 30: AoT Columbus #2

September 12: Ding Dong Lounge: Photos

August 6: Matt Torrey’s

July 29: AoT Columbus #1

July 9: Way Station: Video

June 5: Ding Dong Lounge: Photos

April 9: Way Station: Video